Friday, August 16, 2013

New Fort Friends!

This morning at The Fort, we got to assess a couple of really neat pups! Sam, the 5 month old cream Shiba Inu (who could pass for Yuki's twin). A high spirited and energetic pup that did great, romping in the Med. Roll. with other Fido friends, Walter, and Beau. Another great addition to an already great pack. Hope to see you back very soon!
This clip also features our other assessment for today, who's name also happens to be Walter!
Walter, a year and a half old Carin Terrier mix, mixed it up with the other high energy pups in our Med. Roll this morning. While also taking time to take in the new smells, and refereeing the action, he had to jump in on some of the fun too! I'm sure that Walter will be having even more fun in time, as he builds positive associations with not only The Fort itself, but with the dogs and employees that spend their time with us. 
Thanks again for reading and don't forget to grab some free samples of our 3 flavors of new dog treats!
We have started carrying Fromm's Dog Treats and they are available in our lobby.
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see you next week!

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