Thursday, August 22, 2013

new news

(Yes, these radical looking dogs are made of newspaper, sweet! My what an artist. I want one of these for the lobby.)

Detroit's stray dog epidemic - Yikes, shocking numbers! As if that city didn't have enough problems already eh?

Pesky cat bugs sleepy dog (Video) - Classic lol. That's almost just like Hobbers & Gibson interacting.

People using fake service dogs - The folks that do this are the epitome of "lame", well, at least the epitome of the slang version of that word haha. Someone truly "lame" would be able to justify their service animal. I don't know about y'all, but Hope and I have discussed this many times before. We've both ran into folks out there faking a service dog... It's sad to say the least.

Dog Surf-A-Thon - I always love checking out Surfing Dog pics, they're just hilarious.

Dog's blood saves the life of a cat (Video) - Amazing!

Dog Depression - There certainly aren't too many Fort Fido Dogs suffering from this haha... And if there are, maybe they just need an extra day? ;)

Florida Dog Hangs 20 at the beach (Video) - Yes! I found more surfing dogs.

Woman reunited with dog stolen five years ago - Wow, that is awesome, the odds were definitely not in their favor. Jennifer & Sasha, talk about two "lucky dogs".



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