Friday, August 9, 2013

Heroic and News Worthy Pups!

First on our list of awesome dogs today, we have Rocky the "Dopey and loveable" Bloodhound. Rocky has been working with Normandy Park Police for 7 years, (people years that is) And recently helped his handlers find a 7 year old girl who had been missing for several hours. What a great job for a pooch!
Another story of a chilling rescue after a severe storm and tornado hit in New London. Paula, relaxing in her vacation trailer, was scooped and flipped upside down by the tornado. When her pooch George, a sheltie and corgi mix came to her rescue. George not only found the hole to come and comfort his Mama, but then led her out of the wreckage to safety.
Our last heroic Pup for today is one who rescued a fellow Senior Border Collie named Bagels, from a hazardous situation where Bagels couldn't turn around to swim back to shore after having grabbed a stick that was far too long for proper water travel. :) Such an amazing story of the compassion that dogs can show, not only to their companions on the human side, but to their animal brethren as well.
In other news, a new volunteer service in Madrid is cleaning up their area by mailing back uncollected dog waste, that uncouth owners have left behind. A "poo patrol" if you will.  A very positive reminder that even though your dog has left it, doesn't make it okay for us to leave it too.
In an interesting study performed by the Department of cognitive and behavioral science at the University of Tokyo. Says, that confirms Yawning is contagious. Not only contagious between us humans, but to our furry friends as well. Also, the study confirms that your pup is more likely to "catch" your yawn, as opposed to your neighbor's or any stranger.
Thanks again for reading and be sure to check back on Monday to stay updated with the happenings here at The Fort.
See ya next week!!

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