Friday, May 4, 2012

Tilly makes the connection

Wow, get a load of this... Our newest, most favorite, Baby-Mastiff, Tilly, has made it into the Pet Connection Magazine! The Pet Connection magazine is the south sounds wonderful, free monthly newspaper. It is quite fun and informative, a very well done publication. Although she didn't make the cover, I better write their editor ;) lol, her photo was fantastic. Tilly was over at the Total K-9 Health & Fitness Center in Fife. She was there to workout, play and generally be her cute self. She did very well on their treadmill, but didn't venture into any Hydro-Therapy haha. Apparently she gallops on a treadmill at home too, so funny!

You can pick up a Pet Connection here at Fort Fido anytime.

Enjoy your weekend,

P.S. The band and I will be in beautiful Wenatchee, playing for the Apple Blossom Festival Parade, not "Cinco de Mayo" lol... Ahhh heck, who am I kidding, we are there for that too. :) It's also the Kentucky Derby tomorrow, always fun to watch on TV, if you're into that kinda thing...

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