Friday, May 18, 2012

National Dog Bite Prevention Week and Cool Clips

The third full week of May each year is the ASPCA's "National Dog Bite Prevention Week," in conjunction with the USPS. Every year the Postal Service posts a list of the top 25 cities with the most dog attacks on USPS personnel. Last year, both Tacoma and Seattle made the list, at  numbers 21 and 10 respectively.

We did better this year--Tacoma did not even make the top 25, and Seattle made it down to 12th place. You can see the full list posted here--I guess that California and Texas were the worst places to be a mailman this past year!

 Every year approximately  4.7 million people are bitten by dogs in the US, and about half of all people that  are bitten are children. Insurance companies in the US paid $479 million in claims related to dog bites. National Dog Bite Prevention Week is about awareness and education, teaching both ourselves and our children to approach dogs in a safe way. In this spirit, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers has released a free webinar to help families teach their kids and their pets to get along. In such a dog-friendly culture, it is essential that children learn early how to greet dogs in a safe and respectful way. After all, 29% of US families own at least one dog. There are over 70 million owned (registered) dogs in the US. Dogs are just a fact of life, especially for us pet owners!

At the Fort today we caught a little Friday action on camera from each play area.

In the medium roll, Gracie and Tikvah were great buddies, soon to be joined by Cody and Sammy.

Upstairs with the little ones, Miller, Frizzy, Chloe, and Oliver had a blast playing ball.

The big dogs were full of energy when Gordon and I got here this afternoon. Pepper was ready to give him a run for his money, and Maximus was playing with one of his chocolate lab buddies, Grady.

The last thing that I wanted to share with you guys is this cool clip of a really talented dog named Norman. He can ride a bike, surf, scooter, and skateboard!

After watching this trick, you can click through some of the "suggested videos" to see more clips of Norman in action!

Have a great weekend everyone! Remember--only one week until we are open 24/7! If you're planning a trip or vacation and are looking for a place for Fido, come and talk to us.


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