Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm back... Dogs in trouble! ;)

Well, it is sure nice to be back! I hope everyone is doing well, I am doing first rate, thank you lol. The crew has been doing a mighty fine job without me, we are lucky to have such great help... Ironically, it's hard to come by these days! Thank you to Hope, Gary, Matt, Jacob, Kelsey, Austin, Taylor & Lexi. Keep up the good work! O, ma and pa, how could I forget? You two did outstanding as well.

My grandmother sent me a hilarious email awhile back, hopefully you haven't seen it. Here ya go:


Click to enlarge, enjoy!

Hahaha, wow! These images bring back so many memories of stories I have been told, by customers, over the years. I won't lie, dogs doing naughty things like this... Yup, you guessed it, it is part of the reason we are in business lol.


Have a nice week. Happy Memorial Day, thank you to all who have served.

P.S. One more thanks to Hope and Gary for keeping The Blog alive, well done! As you can see from Hope's Saturday post, Overnight Boarding at The Fort is working out flawlessly so far. The dogs have been well behaved, happy and content. Awesome!

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