Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cats and Dogs

Are you needing your daily dose of cuteness? Check out these great videos of big dogs playing with little kittens! So much for "getting along like cats and dogs" being a negative thing--I guess this settles the nature versus nurture debate!

Colleges are now beginning to note the benefits of spending time with pets, and many now have therapy dogs that spend time with students. Some even have pet-friendly dorms.

A principal from an elementary school in Cleveland noticed the same thing, and her pooch Brutus comes with her to school, to help students and faculty. He is a great listener, and kids read to him to practice their skills in a completely non-judgmental environment.

A California dog is recovering after he took a rattlesnake bite for his 14-year-old buddy and owner.What a brave dog, intentionally putting himself in harm's way to ensure the safety of his "brother."

The USDA is proposing (finally) tighter regulation on internet pet sales, to help shut down puppy mills that have begun operating using new technology to avoid inspections.

Hands 'n Paws is a group helping children and the elderly interact and socialize with dogs and each other.

This is a cool story about a patriotic dog from Iowa's history.  Doc served as the mascot of Company K of the 23rd Iowa Infantry, beginning his service in the late  1800s.

Enjoy this sunny weekend! It's so great to have this weather timed perfectly.


P.S.--Still more news on the Diamond Pet Food recall. So glad to know that every batch of Kumpi is tested at various stages of the cooking process, ensuring it's high quality and safety.

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