Thursday, May 24, 2012

A couple fun photos!

It's always fun when we get to see our daycare dogs in their "natural environment," haha. Buddy's mom brought us in this adorable picture of him chewing on his antler at home. That pup sure is photogenic!

Here is one of Diego striking a pose, that his mom sent to us over email. He looks like a natural model!
If you have a picture of your dog that you would like to see on the blog, you can bring it in to the us here at the Fort, or email it to

In the news, a dog saved his 9-year-old owner's life. The girl was swimming with her cousin in a lake, and their pup came and pulled them back to shore. 

A dog's untimely death inspired the creation of a non-profit organization geared toward helping American families afford vet care that is prohibitively expensive, and all-too-often leaves families choosing between euthanasia or a poor quality of life.

And just for laughs, check out this article about top dog breeds for landing a hot date. Lol!

Enjoy that sunshine, everyone-


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