Friday, May 25, 2012

Two Newbies, and Overnight Daycare!

 Abby is an eight-year-old mixed breed (her owner guesses Schnauzer/Terrier/Havanese) who started daycare this morning. She is a very chill older gal, and will be spending the night for our first day of boarding! We're lucky to have this sweetheart here with us at the Fort.

The second half of our double-header this morning was boisterous little Cayenne, a nine-week-old Vizsla puppy who is living up to her spicy name! She tore it up today with the medium dogs, and we caught a great clip of her and Chewy this morning. I can't wait until we get all three of the Vizslas here at once (Phoebe, Rudy, and now Cayenne)- I know that they will have a blast.

Other exciting news today is that Fort Fido is now open 24/7 for overnight stays!


You can bring in your pup during daycare hours (6:30am-7:30pm daily), and they can have a sleepover here with their doggie friends. A big thanks to all of you guys for showing your interest and your support, and making it possible for us to take this leap.

We'll see you bright and early tomorrow!


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