Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Love me some Leo

This morning we assessed one spirited and gregarious dog... Meet Leo! He is a nine month old, sixty-two pound, Golden Retriever that has a black spot on his tongue. Leo came into The Fort with his owner, happy and ready to get to it. He wagged in, carrying his leash in his mouth, without chewing it up, it was pretty darn adorable lol. Wouldn't it be great to have a dog that could walk it's self like Leo? Hahaha! Anywho, Leo joined us in our Big Roll where he wasted no time getting in on the action. His easy going personality allowed him to make canine buddies quickly, pretty much instantly. Leo played well with Jake and fellow golden Mollie, among others. He is welcome back anytime and we hope to see him again soon. Good job today Leo!

Checkout these three Big Roll clips, you can spot Mr. Leo in each.

Take care,

P.S. I ran across these two links recently. From King5 News: Woodinville woman's mission is saving abandoned German Shepherds (with video) and from MSN: Puppy get's head stuck in box. Super!

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