Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zany Zipper!

(Yeah, he's kinda like the ride. Ha!)

Guess what? We had another new dog start this morning... Not surprising at the rate we've been going eh? Spring has sprung and dog-love is in the air! ;)

Meet this young fella Zipper! He is a four month old, thirty-two pound, Labrador Retriever/Hound Mix. Zipper ventured into our Medium Roll where he did swell for a pup on it's first day. He needed a fair bit of "schooling" from the Alphas and older dogs. Zipper's canine communication skills will be sharpened and honed, more and more as he attends. He played umpteen amounts with any dog that would join him. Some dogs however, needed to correct Zipper. Many times, a happy-go-lucky pup, like zipper, won't take "No" for an answer when it comes to play. All in all, Zipper was great and we think he'll truly excel at Fort Fido. Rest up pal, we shall see you next week!


P.S. Here is a little clip... It's mostly Buster and Jasmine ripping it up but you can spot Zipper. I think first-rate-employee, Matt (Little brother of Gary), was busy this morning. There wasn't too much time for getting clips.