Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Memory of Mandy

Last week, friend of The Fort, Mandy, crossed over The Rainbow Bridge. She was the epitome of a doggie daycare veteran and one of Fort Fido's oldest members. Before meeting us, Mandy had been going to dog daycare since she was a puppy. So, essentially, she started long before the industry really took off. Talk about an old timer lol!

Mandy has now just passed at the tender age of 14. What an amazing run for a larger sized dog! She hung out in our Medium Roll for about two years and did very well there. She could handle any dog that came her way, regardless of size, age, or play style. She was a testament to early socialization and a loving home.

Mandy's owners are some of the nicest folks you'll meet. They care about their animals and always do right by them, it clearly shows.

Fortunately for us, Mandy's little sisters Allie and Kendi still attend, playing merrily in our Little Roll.

Our hearts go out to Malinda, Kerry, Allie and Kendi. We are sincerely sorry for your loss.

Be well,

-Grant, David, Nancy & The Fort Fido Staff