Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Newsroom!

There was some great dog news to discover today-- here's a bit of what I uncovered, while the pups were playing under Kelsey's watchful eye.

Military Dog Sgt. Rex Returned to Handler After 6 Years I posted an article about Sgt. Rex before, and am glad to say that the story has come to a "happily ever after" sort of ending.

A service dog and an autistic girl in our own city of Tacoma are working on forming a bond, as the pup grows into his responsibilities as a full-time service dog.

Dog escapes from PetSmart groomer. This sounds like every pet-owner's nightmare. I'm glad that it all ended well!

Dog eats Masters tournament tickets. A man in the Seattle area won tickets to the prestigious golf tournament, only to find them eaten by his dog!

Dogs become pawns in divorce and break-ups.

Gordon and Emily were up to their usual tricks--I'm surprised that I was able to get a clip this long!

Have a happy Easter!


P.S.--Diamond Naturals dog food is having a recall. If you feed this to your pet, please make sure that you don't have any of the batch numbers named in that article! Kumpi has still never had a recall of any kind.

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