Friday, April 6, 2012

Kind Keegan

(Whoever said a good badge picture required visible eyes? Ha!)

This morning we assessed an adorable little pup named Keegan. He is a four month old, twelve pound, Wheaten Terrier. We put Keegan in our Medium Roll. He is very new to other dogs and hasn't really met or played with any since his litter mates. Although he was fairly timid throughout the duration of his stay, Keegan is a sweet dog. There were times when his tail would wag, his body would bow and he would almost engage in play. Long story short, Keegan didn't really "play" but had many little promising moments. The good news is that he is young enough. I would bet money (figuratively of course lol.), that he will bust out in play very soon. Regardless of not playing, Keegan did just fine for his first day. He'll be in the "thick of it", romping with the other canines soon.

Have a Happy Easter, our weather SHOULD BE glorious. Fingers crossed!

P.S. In other news... Most folks know I love dogs. But, I am also not ashamed to say, I love beer hahaha! With that said, check these puppies out lol, what a crackin' idea!


  1. ohh my gosh!! that dog is super cute!! and you can see his tail waggin in the pic!
    talking about germany they sell dog beer at pet stores :-D not sure what it's made of, but I will have my brother try it out LOOOL

  2. Yeah, he's a real looker. I thought the tail-blur was funny too. Yes, dog beer! Gibby and I will have to try a bottle, or two... Haha. Thank god for Germany.

    schönes Wochenende!

    Frohe Ostern!