Saturday, April 21, 2012

Giant George, Earth Day, and a Saturday Clip

Check out these pictures and excerpt from the book Giant George, a memoir written by the owner of the world's largest dog

Exercise can help dog's behavior

Woman is reunited with her pup after spotting him on TV

Colorado woman awarded $65,000 after dog's wrongful death

Dog reunited with owner after six years apart

What your dog's eyes can tell you about his or her health
Here's a funny one for Earth Day--American pooches produce over 10 million tons of feces a year

You can also honor Earth Day by purchasing cool eco-friendly toys for your pets! Seattle Times had a cool article listing a few of the things available on the market today.

In the daycare today, I caught a clip of Buster and Gordon rolling around together

Those boys are sure packed full of energy!

I hope that you all make it out to enjoy the sunshine--


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