Friday, April 20, 2012

F is for FRIDAY

Some wonderful links found today.

Dogs help children excel at reading (I love these stories, it really does work!)

Tips on keeping your dog safe in the car (Always good to know, it sure can be bad when you hit those brakes in an emergency.)

Go dog go! (More on dogs and autos.)

Dog taking over your bed?
(This reminds me of this article I wrote...)

Dogs and their owners have matching personalities (I would most definitely say so, although, there are a few exceptions I'm aware of lol.)

Enjoy your weekend. It should prove to be a nice one. The band and I will be ending the Daffodil Festivities with the Junior Daffodil Parade on Proctor St. in North Tacoma.

P.S. Ahhh hahaha... Thanks to Happy's ma Ginny, I've been shown "jump roping dogs", one can even double-dutch! Too hilarious, take a look.

I even found a "how-to" for the smaller breeds lol!

Good luck! ;)


  1. dog reading really does work!!! I do it with a friends daughter who HATES reading! so she reads to Diego :)