Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Stella & Maggie Rose

Yesterday the Fort Fido crew met Stella for her Assessment Day. She is a eleven month old, thirteen pound, brindle and white, Foxton. This fun mix of a dog, was ready and willing to give our Little Roll Play Area a go. Once inside, Stella, acted quite curious about her new digs, and she explored the Little Roll with confidence. When it was time to meet the pack, Stella did so gracefully. In no time at all, she was making friends and playing well with the other canines. She enjoyed Ball Time, and liked chasing around one of our Canine Hardware Kick Fetch Balls. Stella is the type of healthy canine that can get a lot out of Dog Daycare!

Today we had Miss Maggie Rose in for her Assessment. She is a sweet, five month old, about ten pound, American Cocker Spaniel. Maggie, is also the new "baby-sister" of Fort Regular, Thorn. Unlike her larger "brother" Thorn, Maggie, tried the Small Dog Play Area on for size. There, she was calm and content, while she explored the new area. As the morning moved on, and the Little Roll Pack began to arrive, Maggie happily met with each member, albeit cautiously. She is here to sharpen her social skills and burn-off some puppy energy. She has a lot to learn, but luckily, she's at the right place to do so, and her owners are doing a fine job of getting her on the right track too. In time, Maggie should certainly become a well rounded adult canine. Throughout the morning, Maggie played hard and socialized very energetically. She also enjoyed giving Little Roller, Dixie, a "run for her money" lol. We believe Maggie can't wait until her next visit and we plan on seeing her again soon.

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