Friday, March 13, 2015

- Remy -

Remy (Cool name!) came in today for his Assessment. He is a very good looking, seven month old, seventy pound, Doberman Pinscher and Great Dane Mix. Remy is attending Fort Fido, so that he can have even more of an opportunity to better his social skills... And he most definitely got that opportunity today. Naturally, we had Remy meet the gang in the Big Roll, where he ended up fitting in rather nicely. Although he didn't get into much play, he did however, get quite a workout in socializing with the Big Dog Pack. It was a very stimulating time for Remy, and we were pleased with how he handled himself, especially since he hasn't been around a "pack of dogs" too often. Given time and consistency, we know that Remy will continue to improve on his socialization skills, heck, he'll probably even start to play, but ya never know. Either way, he can get much enjoyment and well being out of The Fort. Working-out a canine's brain (through games, socialization, or other means), can, tire them just as much as working-out their physical body. A tired dog is a good dog. 

That a boy Remy, welcome!

Have a grand weekend,


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