Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Beanie & Captain

Yesterday we Assessed the lovely looking Beanie. She is a outgoing, six year old, thirty pound, Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Beanie was ready and raring to go as she strutted through our lobby. This happy dog, has a whole lot of personality. We wasted no time and got her straight to our Medium Roll, where we knew she would fit in... And fit in she did! Although not the biggest "player", due to it being her first day, Beanie was very social. She met with each and every pack member quite amicably and enjoyed herself. Beanie was comfortable here, and we believe that she'll enjoy her time spent here even more in future visits.

This morning, The Fort's Crew welcomed in Captain for his Assessment. He is a one year old, twenty pound, brown and black colored, French Bulldog. Frenchies may look "cute and innocent", but don't let them fool you lol, they pack a ton of energy and "big-dogness" into a small package... Captain, was no exception to this, hence why he hung out with us in our Medium Roll, where the high-energy is always flowing. Once inside the Play Area, Captain was in dog-playtime-heaven. He met quickly with Lucky, in a confident and correct canine-way. The two dogs then got into play, after their brief introduction, almost instantly! It was pretty hilarious to watch Captain rip around the roll with his goofy, yet highly efficient, gait. He can really move! Throughout the morning, Captain continued to amuse himself and get along with the pack. This tough little fella can get a lot out of Dog Daycare.

Checkout Captain and Lucky "on the move" in the following clip:

Both Beanie and Captain may join us here at Fort Fido anytime. Way to go you two!



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