Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tucker & Maisy

Yesterday we had the kindly, Tucker, in for his Assessment. He is a one year old, seventy-two pound, Labrador Retriever and German Short-haired Pointer Mix. Recently acquired from an elderly couple, big-boy Tucker, has got a wonderful new forever-home, with great new owners that are willing and able to meet his needs. This lucky dude did quite well in The Fort's Big Roll. Inside the play area, he explored hastily, ready to get on with things, and meet some other canines. We introduced him to Jackson first, and the two dogs hit it off like gangbusters! Throughout his stay, Tucker continued to do well, play, and stay social. We believe he can extract much out of the Dog Daycare environment, and we hope to see him regularly. Great job Tucker!

Check out Tucker having fun in these two clips:

This morning we welcomed the elegant-looking Miss Maisy. She is a one year old, twelve pound, Alaskan Klee Kai. Now this is a breed that Fort Fido Co-owner, Nancy (she's a huge Spitz Breed fan lol), and others, have been dying to get to know for years. It's awesome that we are finally getting the chance to.

We had Maisy give our Little Roll a go, and once therein, she acted surprisingly calm and balanced while figuring out the place. Once the Small Dog Pack began to show up, Maisy greeted the members well, albeit a bit aloofly. Maisy didn't end up playing this morning, however, she really did a fine job of becoming part of the pack, and working out all of the personalities that it contains. Given time and consistency, we know Maisy can enjoy her time spent here even more. Good stuff.

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