Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Welcome Emmy & Maurice

Here are The Fort's latest recruits... Two total opposites lol, Emmy & Maurice!

We Assessed Emmy on Tuesday morning. She is a three month old, five pound, brown and black colored, Shih Tzu. This super cute little gal, was absolutely fabulous upstairs in our Little Roll Play Area. She really enjoyed meeting with the other canines and being part of the pack. For such a young dog, Emmy, exhibited great confidence and socialization skills.

In the following clip, you can spot Emmy scurrying around.

Today, we had Maurice in for his Assessment. He is a striking, five month old, sixty-five pound, Great Dane. Now Maurice, just so happens to be the "little" brother of Fort Fido Member, Jude, talk about a house-full! Maurice is here to burn off some extra energy and improve his canine communication. In the Big Roll, he did a fine job of that, making pals, and integrating into the pack easily. Maurice even got a chance to meet with a few of our other Great Dane buddies today, Theodore and Verbena. He took a liking to Theodore, and the two dogs frolicked for a little bit right after exchanging sniffs. Given strong leadership, time, and consistency, we think that Maurice will become a very well balanced adult dog. We also think that we are going to see a lot more play and activity out of him, in future visits to The Fort.

Both Emmy and Maurice are welcome to attend Fort Fido anytime they'd like, we are sure happy to have them!

Be well,


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