Friday, February 6, 2015

And the pack grows...

Yesterday Team Fido met up with Henry for his Assessment. He is a very good looking, ten month old, twelve pound, dapple, Chiweenie (Chihuahua and Miniature Dachshund Mix). Henry stayed with us in our Little Dog Play Area. There, he wasn't quite sure what to make of the place at first... As other canines wondered in throughout the morning, Henry became more and more comfortable with his new surroundings. He spoke good "Dog", and really seemed to enjoy the company of the others. Henry even played a good amount, he chased a few balls around, and even got into a game of "fox hunt" with the pack... That game, consists of one person "fishing" for the little dogs, with a Skinneeez toy as "bait" lol, it's pretty fun and many of our little dogs really enjoy it, some too much so. Nancy came up with this game a while back, and it has a few different names.

Here you can catch a glimpse of Henry getting into the mix:

This morning, Romeo rolled into The Fort for his Assessment Day. He is a one year old, six pound, white and beige colored, Chihuahua. Romeo is a recently rescued dog, that is new to many things. His owner is working with him diligently, to help him become a calm and balanced canine. Today's visit to Fort Fido, is just another tool, in the work of acclimating Romeo to life-anew. Inside of our Little Roll, Romeo sniffed around, curious, yet very cautious. After letting him get his bearings, it was time for Romeo to begin meeting out pack, which he did comfortably. At home, Romeo is part of a seven-dog pack, that is enabling him to balance out socially, and is getting him to be even more of a healthy "Dog's Dog". Although there wasn't too much activity out of Romeo today, he did do a very good job hanging out here and socializing. Also, as you can see, he is quite a "looker" lol! Romeo was about as photogenic as a dog can get for his badge picture.

We would like to see both Henry and Romeo visit us often, they are most welcome here anytime. Swell job lads!

Have a relaxing weekend,


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