Friday, February 20, 2015


Up for his Assessment Day yesterday, was Eddie! He is a adorable, six month old, eleven pound, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This regal little fella hung out with us upstairs, in The Fort's Little Dog Play Area. Upon arrival, Eddie slowly crept around the play area, with his nose to the ground exploring. After some time passed and he got his bearings in the roll alone, it was time for Eddie to begin to meet the pack. Like the happy, cautious, yet curious pup he is, Eddie, met each canine guest that arrived with excitement and slight hesitation. He really did a outstanding job of greeting the others, without being too "in their faces". Often times young pups are "scolded" by the pack, when their greetings are too exuberant lol. As the day progressed, Eddie continued to meet, greet, and enjoy his time at Fort Fido. He even got in quite a lot of play and exercise. Eddie shall prove to be one fine addition to our Little Dog Pack, we are happy to have him. Way to be little dude, we'll see you next time!

In the following clips, you can spot Eddie wagging his tail and trying to keep up with the newness and excitement of the group.

Have a relaxing weekend,


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