Friday, February 13, 2015


Meet Skye! She is an energetic, one year old, twenty pound, Australian Cattle Dog Mix, that had her Assessment this morning at The Fort. Now although small in stature, Skye, is "big" in vigor and personality. Having that idea going into her Assessment, we thought it best to let Skye try our Medium Roll Play Area on for size, rather than the Little Roll. Energy level and body-type wise, Skye is very similar to "small" Medium Roller, Angel. Inside the play area, Skye was cautious and curious at  first, and then she turned to "lonely", as she waited, with much anticipation, for pack members to arrive. After about 15 minutes, Petey arrived on the scene, and he proved to be the perfect first dog for young Skye to meet with. The two canines skipped introductions and got right to gallivanting lol. It was a great match up, and you can see a bit of it in the following clip:

As time moved on, the pack grew, and Skye continued to enjoy herself in the company of all the other "medium" dogs. She fit in well here, and we believe that Fort Fido is the perfect outlet for Skye. She can hone her social skills, and most importantly, get out some of her excess energy. Nicely done today Skye, welcome!

Relax this weekend, Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. If you have a special day planned tomorrow, one that your canine companion can't help you out with... Drop them off here for the weekend, we currently have room for Daycare and Overnight Boarding.

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