Monday, September 8, 2014

A dog named Xu!

Get a load of Xu, pronounced "Sue". She is a energetic, three month old, about 20 pound, copper colored, Golden Retriever. This striking golden gal leaped into the Fort Fido lobby, ready for a morning full of excitement. A young canine, Xu is here to get out some energy and learn how to socialize properly. She is the perfect age to start Dog Daycare! As expected, Xu got to playing and socializing with the Medium Roll Pack, within minutes of her arrival. She enjoyed romping around in the play area with Lucky, Ruby, and several others. Puppies sure do great here at The Fort, and we love having them... They get in early, learn the ropes quickly, and thrive, growing into well-versed adult dogs. Xu, we are looking forward to helping you hone your canine communication skills and watching you grow. We'll see you around soon, welcome!

Here are a few snippets of Xu in action, enjoy.


Take care,


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