Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Payment Stuffs

As school begins and fall approaches, The Fort becomes busier and busier. With that said, I'd like to take a moment to note a few things about our payment system. Please be aware that being paid for in advance allows you to get the best rate, and makes for much more timely transitions, while dropping off or picking up your dog.

We do are best to accommodate you when you arrive, however, as you all know, sometimes we just "get slammed", with a lobby full of canines and customers lol. We apologize in advance, for if we are ever unable to help you at a given moment. The safety of our Fort Fido pack, is at all times, our number one priority. Thank you for understanding and bearing with us!

-Payment is due at the time of service.

-Keep in mind our very easy and fair cancelation policy.

-Pick up your pet on time, don't bother getting caught up in the "One Dollar Per Minute" late fee. If you know you are going to be late, just call us before 7:30 PM and have your pet do a last minute overnight stay. It is cheaper and much better for all of us involved.

-Yes, cancelation is easy, call us at 253-460-0299 or email us at info@fortfido.com to do so.

-To get the best rate, pay for and schedule your daycare days on a weekly basis, being sure to pay for "your next week", on the evening of your last paid day.

-Many folks have a very set schedule and pay for the month. Paying for the month doesn't save them any money, however, it makes things convenient for all and is easy to do. If your schedule allows it, we highly recommend paying for the month. Also, you are never charged a drop-in-rate on the first of the month.

-Always pay for more days than you need, we do not prorate days... You can always cancel days and switch them around. It is on each individual to avoid "the dreaded drop-in-rate". ;)

-To get the very best rate, take advantage of our half day. Which is five hours of daycare anytime and any day for just $20. When you arrive, check your time and confirm it with us, noting that, if you are over the five hour mark, you will be charged a drop-in-rate. Being on time for the five hour mark is your responsibly.

-Got a hectic schedule? Sick and tired of constantly switching days around at The Fort, and making separate payments all of the time? Don't like getting charged for drop-in-rates? If you answered, yes, to any or all of these questions, then "The Package Deal" is for you. It allows you the freedom and flexibility to drop off your canine companion for daycare, at anytime, on any day, without being charged a drop-in-rate, and without the need to schedule or cancel days. When we see the "whites of your eyes" we take one of your days out. It is as easy as that and it works out beautifully.

-Do not worry about us being full... We are not at this time. In the event that a play area, or our whole facility looks as though it will be full, we will let you all know ahead of time. Before you show up and are denied. We will especially let our "Package Deal People" know right away, but again, this is not the case at this time. We currently have availability for all dogs for Daycare and Overnight Boarding.

-At this time, we accept all forms of payment, minus American Express.

-Feel good about brining your dog to Fort Fido, remembering that they are safe, and getting the most out of their stay with the pack.


Thanks for reading, cheers,


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