Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Chili Willy

This morning we assessed the handsome Chili. He is a three year old, eleven pound, apricot/white colored, Toy Poodle. Chili wasn't quite sure what to think of The Fort at first... He followed us up to the Little Roll play area and entered without a hitch. After exploring his new surroundings for a bit, Chili met a few of the Small dog pack members. He sniffed and greeted them properly, seemingly comfortable with the situation. Over the course of the morning, more little dogs showed up, and Chili became a part of the twelve-dog-pack. Although we didn't see much play out of Chili today, we wouldn't be surprised if that changes after a few visits... Especially given some time and consistency. All in all, Chili is one nice and good looking canine, he is most definitely welcome to hangout here at Fort Fido anytime. Nice first day Chili-man, ya did just fine!

Take it easy,

P.S. Anyone remember the cartoon character "Chilly Willy" lol? I sure do, he used to crack me up back in the day!

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