Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jumpin Josephine

Meet Josephine! She is a nine year old, twenty-five pound, cream colored, brown freckled, French Bulldog. Josephine came in bright and early this morning, more than ready for her assessment day at The Fort. Once she got into our Medium Roll play area, she was quick to explore it, curious to meet some other canines. As time passed and the pack grew, Josephine greeted the other dogs, meeting with them in a healthy fashion. It's pretty obvious that she has played with a few dogs in her day. The social Josephine acted cool, calm, and collected here at Fort Fido, and really seemed to enjoy herself. For a more mature dog, she did quite well, getting in a fair amount of playtime. Josephine is most welcome anytime and we'd love to see her again soon.

Here are three little clips of Miss Josephine in action. It's funny, like many of our French Bulldog friends, Josephine, does some hilarious "jumps"... I think they are her way of initiating play, cute stuff.


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