Wednesday, August 13, 2014

= Meritable Max =

Up for his assessment early this morning was Max. He is a sprightly, seven year old, twenty-three pound, Schnoodle (Schnauzer and Poodle Mix). Quickly scanning the room, Max entered The Fort's Little Roll play area with wonder and excitement. He met with the other dogs gregariously, and many of them liked him right away. Max is no stranger to socializing and play. He is a a livewire, ready and raring to play hard, yet he's gentle enough to know when another dog doesn't want to play. His canine communication skills are quite good. Due to his size and play-style, Max is flexible enough to do well in our Small or Medium Roll. This wily but kind fella, is welcome to attend Fort Fido anytime. We look forward to his return. First rate job today Maxwell!

It sure is fun when a new dog gets into play so quickly, Max was in the thick of it, minutes after his arrival. It shows that he is pretty darn "calm and balanced", and comfortable here. Awesome! Here he is sprinting around with Sheltie-man Gibson.

Be well,


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