Tuesday, August 5, 2014

- Daring Douglas -

The Fort Fido crew had some fun and a workout this morning, because of our latest recruit. Meet Douglas, he is a head-turning, high-energy, three month old, thirty pound, Yellow Labrador Retriever that came in for his assessment. He's the type of pup that you'd see on one of those primetime dog food commercials... You know, the ones where a big-cute-puppy knocks over a huge bag of kibble and starts devouring it... That's Douglas hahaha!

After being introduced to the "Medium Roll", where we are sure he won't stay for too long because the "Big Roll" is beckoning him, Douglas met up with Fort regular Louis. The two hit it off quickly and easily, with Louis being quite playful and patient with the young canine. As time passed and the pack grew Douglas stayed in a blissful state, AKA, he was in Dog Heaven haha. Being a puppy, Douglas is here to learn how to socialize and interact with other canines properly. So far, he's on the right track. We are almost certain that, given time and consistency, Douglas and his owners can get a whole lot out of Dog Daycare. Nice job today Douglas, you're welcome back anytime!

Get a load of Douglas in the following clips:


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  1. We love it, thanks! Doug enjoyed watching the videos!