Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pleasant Penney

Early this morn we met up with Penney for her assessment. She is a sweet, nine year old, thirty-five pound, Australian Cattle Dog. As of late, Penney, has been going through quite a few changes. Her best friend, a beagle in the same family, recently passed and she is moving across town. Despite these changes, Penney is doing quite well, she is here at The Fort to relax and enjoy the company of other canines. We had Penney try out our Medium Roll... Given her size, age, and kindly personality, we thought it the perfect fit for her. In the play area, Penney explored a little bit and greeted the other pack members. She stayed incredibly calm and balanced the whole time, even though she didn't get to playing too much. There were many young whippersnappers in today's Medium Roll, and Penney handled their energy well. She was more content just strolling about and hanging out, which is totally ok, and can be good for a first visit. At any rate, welcome to Fort Fido Penney, swell job today! Hopefully we'll see you again, and maybe even see a bit more action out of you.

Be well,


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