Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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This fella that has this blog I follow, over at Cheap RV Living, recently had his beloved canine companion pass away... Fortunately, he just got a really neat new dog-friend, and is feeling a bit happier. I found his latest blog post about it charming. Read it here:

Why I Love Dogs: Introducing Cody My New Best Furry Friend

In other news, for quite some time now we have been selling Fromm Gold Adult Dog Food and Cat Food. It has also become our "house food" for Overnight Boarding. The move to Fromm, which happened over a year ago, has proven to be an excellent change. All of our dogs (Gibson, Cortez, Marco Polo) eat it, and several of our Daycare and Boarding Dogs eat it as well... Not only do they "eat it", they really thrive on it, by having healthy energy levels, solid stools and good looking coats.

If you haven't already, pick up a bag for you pet and give it a go, it may just be perfect for them. At the very least, visit their website, it is quite attractive and informative:

Fromm Family Foods

We carry their high-quality canned food as well.

Here are some recent Doggy Headlines:

Dog rescued from Tacoma house fire

Dog's reaction to the morning alarm clock is all too familiar

What makes people look like their pets?

Woman reunited with dog stolen from her eight years ago

Dog in wheelchair rolls through town delivering smiles

Best dog breeds for people with allergies

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