Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dinero & Ollie

We were pleased to meet up with the infamous Dinero and Ollie, in for their assessments this morning. This dapper duo, proved to be a great addition to Fort Fido's Little Roll.

Dinero is a handsome, eleven year old, ten pound, Chihuahua.

Ollie is a regal, thirteen year old, twenty-nine pound, Pug.

Both Dinero and Ollie did well upstairs in our small dog play area. They seemed to enjoy the company of the other canines, and it's clear that they've met a dog or two in their days. For older, more mature fellas, Dinero and Ollie truly handled themselves well, even amongst the young pups of the pack. Although they didn't do much in the way of playing, they did socialize, meeting and greeting other dogs, while walking and sniffing about curiously. These guys enjoyed the socializing and are ready to meet more pups and make new friends. Dinero and Ollie are very nice dogs that fit in well here at The Fort. We look forward to their return.

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