Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dog Headlines

Found today:

You can now buy a GoPro Camera Harness for your dog Something tells me we're eventually gonna need this...

Photos from National Dog Day 2014

Videos for National Dog Day 2014 There are some real gems here!

Here is The World's Fasted Dog on two paws Hot Dog lol!

How Sadie saved Michael's life

Just a heads up folks, a Tacoma burglar is using a fake sob story about a lost dog to case homes.

A dog worth $40,000... Yup, there sure is.

Marine reunites with Military Dog

Dog's weight is a hefty matter Slow down, switch, or stop those treats if this applies to your canine. There are several other ways to "treat", exercise being one of them!

Dogs affected by kids going back to school I don't agree with everything in this article... Specifically the parts about making your departure a "happy time"... I could see that back firing, and exacerbating the situation. I also don't agree with the, "if things don't improve take them to the vet" portion of the article, that isn't going to get you anywhere and will just end up costing you money... Unless of course you want to "drug up" you pooch. Which we aren't opposed to, for at home use in extreme cases. However it is certainly not an everyday solution, and is merely a Band-Aid on the problem. If this applies to your canine, start by reading my multi-part article on Separation Anxiety found here.

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