Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yuki-Sam Twins

Every once in awhile at Fort Fido, we get some absolutely identical looking canine guests. Believe it or not, at times it can be very difficult to tell two dogs apart. One must really study the individual dogs, to find identifying attributes, then share their findings with the rest of the staff (on our communication boards).

Most importantly, when the owners arrive, we must know without a shadow of a doubt, who's who! It can be surprisingly tricky, for instance, on a "Chocolate Lab Day", when there are seven of the same breed in one play-area, to figure out exactly who "Coco" is, amongst a sea of super-similar chocolates lol... They have a tendency to melt together, especially when five+ customers arrive at once for pick-up, and you are on the fly. Luckily, we've developed some tricks, in order to make certain we know which dog is which at all times.


Currently, other than a handful of Labrador Retrievers, and a couple of English Springer Spaniels, the most perplexing twin duo has to be Yuki and Sam. Both high-energy Shibu Inus, Yuki & Sam poses matching physical features, as well as matching personalities and play-styles! They are also about the same age.

They just look so darn similar...

Don't believe me? Checkout these photos we took of the "Terrible Twosome" (only kidding of course) yesterday. They are the definition of "Bash Brothers", they love to play together, hard, fast, and furiously. Click on the individual photos to enlarge them.

Hahaha, I know right? Almost indistinguishable!

Be well,