Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rainier Rocks Ewe-topia!

Our main Catahoula Leopard Dog-Man, Rainier, just took a visit to Ewe-topia! Awhile back, I wrote about Gibson and I's adventure there... The place is awesome, and I highly recommend taking your dog there for some "Farm Fun", no matter what size or breed they are. Your dog can herd sheep, and or ducks, with no experience necessary. It's a blast! The folks that run the place are very kind and knowledgeable. There is even an off leash dog park area with some agility obstacles.

Rainier did extremely well during his visit, I was quite impressed... My "Herding Dog" Gibson, didn't get nearly as involved as Rainier did lol. First rate job boy! It looks like you'll have a career in Sheep Herding in no time... That is of course, as soon as your pops ponies up and gets you a flock. Hahaha!


Enjoy this clip, sent to me from Rainier's owners, of him, busting out his herding skills on those wild and wooly sheep! Thanks for telling us about your stay there guys, and, thank you very much for the video.

Be well,


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