Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Aero & Angle

Checkout Aero & Angel!

Aero is a fun-loving, one year old, 37 pound, Border Collie & Corgi Mix.

Aero's sis, Angel, is a gorgeous, one year old, 40 pound, Australian Cattle Dog Mix.

Both Aero and Angel had their assessments this morning in the Medium Roll. Like we anticipated, Aero, went head first into the action. He wasted no time getting to know the other pack members, playing with several of them whole-heartedly. Angel on the other hand, spoke great "Dog" like her bro, but took her time getting to know the others. She has a very sweet demeanor, and acts quite "lady-like"... Leaving the rough housing play to brother Aero.

These two canines were a pleasure to have at Fort Fido today, and they are welcome back anytime. Well done you two! Here's to seeing you again soon!



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