Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two New Net Gems

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Fort Fido employee, Danielle, sent me this fun photo she took near Steilacoom. It's of this gentleman, who looks to have made, a special dog-haulin trailer for his motorcycle. Too cool lol! That pooch, which looks to be a Golden Retriever, sure is riding in style. Thanks for the pic Danielle!

Over this last weekend, I came across two hilarious canine video clips from YouTube.

Up first, is one that reached the number one spot of YouTube's "Most Viewed" for awhile. I suppose that it's really not that "Hilarious" but it is certainly remarkable none the less.

Whoa! I don't know that I would want that pup in The Fort, what an escape artist!

Video clip two here, really had me rolling. It would be fun to try this on a dog. I also like how the dog's owner mentions that he is "a little late for Dog Daycare". Hahaha! :)



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