Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Fun

Ahh its finally Friday! Time to kick up those paws and relax. Or you could get out there with the pooch for some weekend frolicking! Here is a link to a list of off-leash dog parks and on-leash dog friendly parks where you and Fido can romp.
Remember to keep your pooch well hydrated and rest them often if you are planning a trip outdoors this weekend as its going to be a warm one!
If your looking for something you and your pal can do inside to avoid the heat, here are a couple practical options for you to consider
First, the dog treat puzzle, featured in another blog of ours titled Trick or Treat?
If that's not enough for Fido, Hide and seek can be a fun game, not only to play but to train as well. Follow these simple steps I found on this website and they will be seeking like a pro in no time!
"This activity requires two people unless the dog already follows a command to "stay." Instruct the dog to sit and stay or ask someone to keep the dog in place while you find a hiding spot. Call the dog's name one time to begin its search for you, at which point the other person would release the dog. Praise and rewards upon finding you teaches the dog to repeat the activity. The ASPCA recommends that you leave part of your body visible when hiding, as this helps the dog locate you when first learning the game, and then gradually make it more difficult for the dog to find you."
Thanks again for stopping by to read, and be sure to check in on Monday in order to keep updated on the happenings here at Fort Fido.
-Ryan W.

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