Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some news and funnies

NY Times My Story "Bad Dog"
This one is kinda cute and funny... You may, or may not, be able to relate to something in it. ;)

Steer your dog!
Ooo! Sign me up for an order of a few of these bad boys! I am certain I could find a use for them here at The Fort lol... O OK, you're right, I wouldn't use them here. They'd sure be useful for Military and Search & Rescue dogs out on missions though.

Dog Meets Hedgehog (Video)
Haha! That was a cute one, even though around here, we are suckers for anything that has to do with American Eskimos.

Goal scoring dog makes everyone smile (Video)
Awesome. Goalll!!!

Dogs help stressed US Military Veterans cope
I always love these types of stories. There are certainly some great programs out there. Animals truly can, and do, help in healing people.

Dog rides Roomba (Video)
I thought cats were the only ones who commandeered these things, hilarious!

8 things NOT to say to a dog owner
I'm gonna go ahead and totally, 100%, agree with this lol. Those are definitely some things better off unsaid.

Unimpressed Dog went outside once, it was awful
I find these types of "Memes" quite funny... http://knowyourmeme.com/

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