Thursday, June 27, 2013

4 clips

We have four really good clips for y'all today.

First up, from the Medium Roll, we have Jackson, showing young pups, Yuki and Pancake, how to play nice. My how you have matured Mr. Jackson lol, way to go! You sure have been helpful in keeping some of these wild youngbucks in line.


In the Big Roll... It was a bit of a "cuddle fest" haha. Brutus, Marco Polo, and Grady settled down into "neck fighting" (a type of play) after ripping around crazy for awhile. It's just like these three, tired, and still going for it!

Upstairs, in the Little Roll, Henry was the dog-man of the day. He, among others, was playing hard and having a blast. In this clip, you can also spot Tula, Marlee, Jaeger, Dolly, and Dwayne. Good times!

Take care,


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