Thursday, June 20, 2013

Bow Wow Boomer!

Today at The Fort, we welcome Boomer! A gregarious 3 year old Yellow Lab, who wasted no time jumping into the fun with the other Big Rollers.  In this clip we have Boomer and Gage getting their early morning romp out of the way. Boomer and Theodore shortly became great friends frolicking around and throwing worries to the wind! I know that he will be a great addition to the pack, and that Boomer will learn, grow, and really enjoy his time with us.
Glad to have you around Boomer!!
 We have been getting a lot of new dogs lately and it has been awesome to build the relationships with you guys and your beloved dogs, and to watch as The Fort itself evolves and grows into something even more spectacular (not that it wasn't before!). I am honestly very happy to be a part of the Fort Fido team, and family. Thanks for having me!!

-Ryan W.

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