Saturday, June 22, 2013

Awesome Animals!

I always love it when summer comes around-- not only is the weather fantastic, there are also some cool county fairs and contests, including the World's Ugliest Dog competition! This lighthearted contest encourages us to laugh with the less classically beautiful among us. This year's winner is a Boxer/Beagle/Basset mix named Walle. Judges were quoted as saying "he looked like an experiment gone wrong!" Walle and his owner won a $1500 prize, as well as a professional photo shoot and catered dinner for the both of them!

This isn't exactly dog-related, but I came across it today and just had to share. Check out this sweet guinea pig armor (yes, you read that right, haha ).

I'm gonna keep spreading the blog love to other parts of the animal kingdom-- I spotted this story today about a gal with a pet Capybara (kind of like a 112-pound guinea pig). The world's largest rodent isn't exactly a pet many would choose, but for Melanie Typaldos it was the only choice. Her cool companion Gary is very smart and affectionate, and knows quite a few tricks!
This pup has a cool summer pastime-- kayaking with his owner! Check out the full story here.
Man's best friend comes to the rescue again-- this time in Tennessee. A man was trapped in a dry creek bed and unable to cry for help. Luckily his loyal pup Jinxie raised a ruckus for him and notified rescuers that were searching for the missing man.
Keep cool everybody!


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