Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wonderful and Amazing Dogs!

In Thailand, a dog has been honored with a medal from the Red Cross for his heroic actions in saving a newborn baby girl from a dump site. The dog pulled a plastic bag out from the dump and brought it home, where he barked until somebody came out of the house to check on him--inside of the plastic bag was a newborn baby! Thankfully, the family rushed the baby to the hospital, where she is being well-cared-for. There are even already a number of families that have come forward to adopt the little one!

The pup Kabang, whom we have read about in the past, is finally going back home (Warning: pictures may be considered "graphic") with her family in the Philippines after coming to the US for surgery. This brave soul jumped in front of a motorcycle hurtling towards two children, and lost her entire upper snout in the process. Thanks to donations from all over the world, Kabang was able to come to the US for proper medical treatment. It was slow-going for her; she was discovered to be pregnant, and had to have the puppies before any major surgery could occur. Next she battled heartworm and a tumor. Finally able to have the surgery, prosthesis would not be effective, and it was the best the vets could do to close the wounds on her face to lessen the chances of infection. But after all of her trials, Kabang keeps on wagging. Her hometown has a parade planned for her triumphant return tomorrow.

On a lighter note...

In Paris, some dog owners are dissatisfied with the number of public spaces available to their furred-friends. Some 200 dog owners (and dogs!) marched in a demonstration near the Louvre to demand more dog-friendly parks, and access to public transportation for their best friends. Now that's a cause I think most anybody can get behind :-D

Check out this funny dog trying to get the family cat off of his bed! Too cute, and too polite ;-)

This motherly pup adopted 10 baby chicks that showed up in her yard unannounced.

This adorable duo are an unlikely set-- Milo the Dachshund and his best friend Bonedigger, a male Lion! Bonedigger is partially disabled from a metabolic bone disease and has been a close friend of the Dachshund since they were both little cubs four years ago.

Hope you enjoyed this look at canines from all over the world (and Web!),

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