Thursday, April 11, 2013

Li'l Brother from another...

Hey y'all, check out this looker... Li'l Bro is his name, and being a super-cute Pug is his game haha. Li'l Bro is cousins with the awesome Fort Fido Papillon, Riley. Li'l Bro is a one year old Chinese Pug that weighs about fourteen pounds. He had a nice time upstairs in our Little Roll this morning and truly did well. Li'l Bro enjoyed playing fetch and all-around socializing. He is an easy going dog that got along well with our pack. Lil' Bro really liked Alexander Graham Pug (Go figure!) and Miss Dixie. Good times. Welcome Bro, sweet job today, we'll see ya around for sure!


P.S. Here are two small clips of Li'l Bro, we were unable to catch him "in action", however you can at least see how much of a cutie he is. ;)

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