Thursday, April 25, 2013

A look at all three packs!

Today we're taking a peek at a slice of the action from each dog pack here-- small, medium, and large!

Upstairs with the little pack, just about everybody was getting in on the action. In this clip you can spot Mollie, Pearl, Dixie, Henry, Klaus and Keriko, Dwayne, Cody, and Dolly all getting in on the romp. I think that there's a peek at Seamus and Lucy too! These little guys really know how to have a great time, and play just as hard as their larger counterparts.

In the medium roll, puppies Sahale and Yuki were having a great time tearing it up in the early morning. These two are both high-energy, and give each other a great run for their money. They definitely made sure that there was some non-stop-action going on in their group!

Big pups Brutus and Baer have been buddies since they boarded together for a time. The two of them will stick together like glue on the days they both attend. Best friends forever!

It was all fun and games for us today! Have a great night,


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