Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dog action sports

Last Sunday, my folks and I celebrated an early Mother's Day. We walked down along Ruston Way, in Tacoma, with our pack (Marco Polo, Cortez & Gibson). It was a very nice time, with lots of sun and good company. After our walk, we checked out The Spar for lunch. Good times.

This glorious weather we have been receiving, and that is coming up, has had me planning a ton of outdoor activities and mini-trips. Even a few "action sports", like skimboarding, hiking, and rock climbing.

Unfortunately, my dog can't always get in on many outdoor activities. The climbing and board sports really aren't his thing, yet he loves cross-country running lol. However, it sure is amazing to see the canines around the world that can and do push the envelope, participating in outdoor sports you could never imagine a dog could!

From bicycling, to snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, and even skimboarding...  Here are a few clips of some amazing canines having a go at all of it!



Skateboarding (The Famous Tillman)



I don't know, maybe I'm not giving dogs in general, or Gibson, enough credit? Maybe I can get him to "Hang Ten" when we visit the Oregon Coast in June? Hahaha! We shall see.

Enjoy the Vitamin D boost this week,


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