Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spunky Sahale

As tough, rugged, and sturdy as her namesake, is sweet little Sahale. This young pup started out in the small pack, but after a while it was clear that this fearless and energetic pup was destined for bigger adventures! She came downstairs to boogie with the medium dogs, which was a better fit for her energy level. We spend the assessment making sure that we find a good fit for each dog, and that they are in the play area where they will have the most fun and get the most out of each day of daycare. Another of our new friends Louis showed Sahale the ropes, making sure that she learned how to play fair--it can be a lot for a young pup to take in! Louis was a great teacher, and Sahale a model student.
We hope to see this gal back in school soon!

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