Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sweet Stills and some funny dog park advice

Working here is always fun and exciting-- I get to see dogs doing all sorts of cute things! These guys caught my eye, and I just had to whip out my smartphone to grab some shots

Brutus loves sprawling out in front of the fan when he's tired.

Louis will sleep any ol' place, too!

Sophie & Beano were getting close while boarding together ;-)

Walter and Sammy always love to play and cuddle.
With the weather generally getting better, a lot of people are starting to head out to the dog parks! I know that I always have a lot of fun taking Gordon out with me-- I love watching him play and have a good time, and it's good for him to socialize with new dogs and people. This cool article in the Volcano gives some great opinions about the local dog parks (Wapato and Pt. Defiance are definitely my favorite ones).

Have a great night!


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