Friday, April 19, 2013

New news

Bacteria on Dog Lover's skin reveal their affection

Yum! LOL! And another one... Dog owners covered in bacteria from their pets.

Dog takes down volunteer in training exercise

Whoa! That is what GSD's are made for folks. Pretty obvious I know, but you definitely wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that... Gulp!

7 dog personalities and how to photograph them

Great little article! My Fort Fido crew and I certainly need to take it in.

Does your pet's food contain dead pets?

Good god, yuck! We have been educated about a few of these horror stories within the pet food industry... That's why we sell, and stick to, Kumpi! Heck yeah, you don't have to worry about that kind of garbage with Kumpi, thanks to it's owner Evy.

Loyal dog helps owner trapped under car for four days

That a boy Boydy! What a companion, it's amazing to see what some dogs will do in emergency situations.

Sony's dog harness action cam mount

Talk about awesome. Please hurry it up and bring these to the states please Sony!

Dog can sniff out seizures ahead of time

I have heard of this, how excellent! Now they need to train them to sniff out seizures before they happen, in other pack members. That would be a tool we could really use! It is no fun when a dog with an ailment has a full Grand mal in the play area. :(

Cat saves small dog from big dog attack

What a bada** feline! I'll admit it, I do like cats, and own one. I like to think my cat is as tough as Sammy.

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